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Wow is all i can say about this product both myself and hubby are on the nhs help scheme to stop smoking using patches and inhalators, they did help a little but since receiving this we have hardly smoked at all. It is much better than we expected and i would recommend to anyone wondering if to try, then do you will not regret it.
Susan Reeve
The Vapourettes are bought for my mother who after surgery for a blocked artery was advised to stop smoking and after 70 years she has. We are also more confident in her being safe in her home due to the risk of accidental fire being removed by using the Vapourettes
Jackie Byrne
Using these to cut down over a few weeks, and then stop completely willpower willing. Not 100% happy with flavours, but they are much better than direct competitors.
Michael Reid

At last! after numerous attempts to quit smoking I think I've finally managed it.

I've tried just about every method without success, Patches, Gum, Cold turkey, Hypnosis... etc.

Since I received this wonderful device I haven't touched a cigarette, I really didn't know what to expect when I ordered but thought , nothing to lose, having tried everything else.

Each time I feel the urge to have a cigarette I just have couple of puffs on this and I'm right as rain with the craving gone.

Good quality build and very easy to set up and operate.

I Can't recommend this highly enough! Definitely worthy of my 5 star rating.

Having been an "on" "off" smoker for many years, I got to the point where I began smoking heavily on a regular basis. I decided that I needed to stop and thought about using patches to help. However, these were very pricey. So after some research I found out about escape and their brilliant deal on a starter kit. I ordered a starter kit and some menthol refills nearly 3 weeks ago and have not had a "real" cigarette since. This product is truly amazing and has helped me so much. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is thinking of giving up. A big thank you to the Escape team.
T. Baldwin
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