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Escape Vapourettes - How do I smoke an Escape Vapourette?


How do I smoke an Escape Vapourette?

Using an Escape Vapourette is very similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. However, because a Vapourette contains electrical components, we suggest you follow these guidelines:


1. When inhaling, point your Vapourette at a slightly downward angle, this will ensure the vapouriser is coated in liquid.


2. Start with a couple short puffs in rapid succession before puffing normally. This action will heat up the vapour liquid and create a thicker vapour in subsequent puffs.


3. You do not need to draw as strongly on a Vapourette as you would on a tobacco cigarette, take slow, light draws. Avoid drawing too hard or too fast, as the vapouriser will not produce significant vapour.


4. For a strong throat hit, take long, light puffs and allow your mouth to fill with vapour before you inhale.


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