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E Cigarette Cost Savings

One of the primary benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes is the cost savings.

You only need to buy a starter kit once and then all you need to continue using Escape e cigarettes are refill cartridges. Each cartridge is equivalent to around 20 tobacco cigarettes and each refill pack contains five cartridges, the cost of a refill pack is around the same as a packet of 20 traditional cigarettes.

On average, smokers that have switched from tobacco to e-cigarettes are saving around 80%!

You can save even more money with Escape multi-buy discounts, reward points, promotions and special offers.

The Cost of Tobacco Cigarettes compared to Escape Vapourettes

The following information is intended as a guide to the average costs of using tobacco cigarettes and Escape Vapourettes. To find out exactly what you could save use our savings calculator in the right hand column and enter the price you pay for a pack of cigarettes and the number of cigarettes you smoke per day.

Tobacco Cigarettes

Escape Vapourettes

Packet of 20 cigarettes average cost:


(Recommended retail price March 2013 Tobacco Manufacturers' Association)

Refill cartridge cost equivalent to 20 cigarettes:


(Based on a pack of 5 Escape refill cartridges with a multi-buy discount)

Cost per cigarette:

£7.98 / 20 = £0.399

Almost 40p per cigarette

Cost per cigarette equivalent:

£1.59 / 20 = £0.795

Less than 10p per cigarette


Cost Chart

Cigarettes per Day

Annual Tobacco Cost

Annual Escape Cost













Savings Chart

Cigarettes per Day

Weekly Saving

Monthly Saving

Annual Saving

















*These calculations are exclusive of the initial purchase cost of an Escape starter kit.

The figures above show that switching to Escape Vapourettes is 80% less expensive than smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Escape customers can further increase cost saving in several ways:

  • Escape offer multi-buy discounts on refill cartridges each time you purchase. You can maximise your savings by using the multi-buy discount to bulk buy refill cartridges. Multi-buy discounts are automatically applied when you add two or more refill packs to your basket.


  • Escape Reward Points are automatically earned with every purchase from the Escape website. Your reward points can then be used as cash to spend on further purchases, each reward point is worth £0.01. Escape products each have their own reward points value which is displayed next to its price on our website.



  • Facebook like for any Escape product you have purchased will earn you 25 Reward Points.


  • Leaving a Testimonial on your experience of using Escape electronic cigarettes will earn you 100 Reward Points.


  • Leaving a Review of any Escape products you have purchased will earn you 25 Reward Points.


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