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UK Smoking Ban

The UK smoking ban was introduced in 2007 and prohibits smoking tobacco products in enclosed public areas and workplaces including bars, cinemas, public transport, restaurants, sports stadiums and workplaces.

Can You Legally Use Escape Electronic Cigarettes Anywhere?

Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco and are not included in the UK ban on smoking tobacco products in workplaces and enclosed public places. This means it is legal to use Escape ecigarettes anywhere, however many companies and organisations have decided to impose a ban on the use of ecigarettes. They argue that it is difficult for staff to distinguish between an electronic cigarette and a tobacco cigarette and the use of e cigarettes may lead to smokers thinking that smoking is permitted, and then lighting up. Most of the large companies that provide public transport services were amongst the first to impose a ban on ecigarettes and there is now a complete ban on all bus and train services throughout the UK. Electronic cigarettes have also been banned by many of the large pub and restaurant chains, shopping centres, football grounds and airports. So, although it is perfectly legal to use ecigarettes anywhere, you will find that you are prohibited from doing so in many places.

So where can you use ecigarettes? Many independant, small and medium businesses and employers do allow the use of e cigs on their premises. Many people now use electronic cigarettes at work and avoid having to go outside to smoke. Similarly many people enjoy electronic cigarettes in pubs and restaurants without having to go outside. As the use of electronic cigarettes increases, the benefits are becoming more widely recognised by businesses and the general public, so not only are electronic cigarettes legal to use anywhere, there use is also actively encouraged in many places. There are signs that the position taken by many of the larger companies and organisations who rushed to ban the use of ecigarettes may also be changing. The UK's largest pub chain recently announced that not only are customers allowed to use e cigs, they could also purchase them from the bar! We believe that this more relaxed attitude will increase as other large corporations realise how popular electronic cigarettes have become and the benefits they bring. Of course there will always be those that oppose electronic smoking and fail to see it any differently to smoking. There may be a time in the near future when all businesses and employers, large and small can no longer surpress the popularity of e cigarettes and they will be forced by popular demand to allow their use, we may even see areas on buses and trains and in restaurants dedicated to electronic smoking.

Where you can and can not use your e cigarette can be confusing if you are travelling or visiting a premises for the first time, if you are not sure if you are permitted to use your e-cigarette, always check with staff first.



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