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Socially Acceptable

Health and saving money are the main factors that prompt smokers to switch to e-cigarettes, but there are many other secondary benefits including social acceptance that come with the escape from tobacco.

Smoking Tobacco is Socially Unacceptable!

Smoking has a bad image and smokers who make up an ever dwindling minority of the population are becoming increasingly isolated by the increasing, majority non- smoking population who see smoking tobacco as socially unacceptable. There are many factors that contribute to this bad image and in addition to the obvious reasons like the dreadful smell, many non-smokers in these times of austerity are fed up with having to contribute to the healthcare costs of treating smoking related diseases.

Your social life can be negatively impacted by smoking, with fewer and fewer smokers each year and more and more non-smokers each year, and the fact that non-smokers often refuse to date smokers, you could find it increasingly difficult to find a partner.

Even your career can suffer as many potential employers are taking a negative view of smoking. You may want to think about this before you have a cigarette just before your next job interveiw!

Why are Escape Vapourettes Socially Acceptable?

Escape Vapourettes contain no tobacco, tar or toxins, offering a much safer and healthier alternative to smoking tobacco.

No Passive Smoke

Escape electronic cigarettes produce a water based vapour that contains flavourings and nicotine, they do not burn or produce smoke. You can enjoy using Escape ecigarettes at home, work or in the car safe in the knowledge that you are not posing a risk to the health of people around you.  

No Smell

Burning tobacco stinks and when you smoke you stink. Escape e cigarette vapour has a pleasant, feint odour that quickly disappears as the vapour almost instantly evaporates. One of the first things you will notice after switching to Escape is that there is no smell on you or your clothes or in the air around you.   

No Ashes or Ashtrays

Escape Vapourettes do not produce any ashes as they do not burn. You can put an e cigarette down anywhere without any fire risk, so you won't need that ashtray any longer.

Fire Safety

House fires have a devasting effect on peoples lives, people die, people lose loved ones and people lose all of their possessions. Smoking is still the number one cause of home fires, put simply the less people that smoke the less people will die as a result of home fires.

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