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The Escape Electronic Cigarette Glossary



The most popular style of electronic cigarettes. 510 refers to the thread used to connect the batteries, refill cartridges and chargers. Escape use the 510 thread making our refill cartridges compatible with many other brands.

Analog or Analogue

Slang term for a tobacco cigarette.


The part of an e-cigarette that heats the liquid to produce vapour.


Abbreviation for Atomiser.


The type of electronic cigarette battery used by Escape, which does not have a button to activate the heating element. Rather, when the user draws on the mouth-piece a switch is automatically activated and the atomiser produces vapour. This style of e-cig is most like smoking a traditional cigarette.


The battery piece of an electronic cigarette is the part that provides power to the heating element. The liquid produces a vapour as the element increases in temperature.


Abbreviation for Battery.

Car Charger

Used with a USB charger to charge electronic cigarette batteries from a car socket.


Abbreviation for Refill Cartridge.


Abbreviation for Cartridge.


Popular term used to describe an easy to use two piece electronic cigarette

Charging Case

A portable electronic cigarette battery charger. Escape’s charging case will charge four Escape batteries before the case itself requires charging.


Abbreviation for Electronic Cigarette.


Another abbreviation for Electronic Cigarette.

E Cigarette

And yet another abbreviation for Electronic Cigarette.


The organisation formed by electronic cigarette companies to govern the industry and promote best practice.

Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

A kit that includes an electronic cigarette along with e-cigarette accessories and e-cig refill cartridges.


Also referred to as E-Juice. This is the liquid that is vaporised when using an electronic cigarette.


The science of electronic cigarettes.

Electronic Cigarette

A cigarette sized device that heats up a liquid solution consisting of nicotine, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycol, and flavourings to a point where it turns into a vapour which can be inhaled.

Electronic Vapour Cigarette

Fuller and more grammatically correct name for an electronic cigarette.  Can even more correctly be reduced to vapourette.

Escape Vapourettes

Aiming to become your favourite electronic cigarette brand

Hot Cigarette

Slang term for a tobacco cigarette.


Also referred to as E-Liquid or E-Juice. When you use an electronic cigarette the juice heats up to produce vapour.


Abbreviation for Light Emitting Diode.

Light Emitting Diode

Usually found at the tip of an e cigarette, it illuminates when the user inhales to indicate that the  electronic cigarette is in use and the battery is functioning. May also be programmed to indicate when a battery requires charging or is faulty by a series of flashes.


Also referred to as E-Liquid or E-Juice. Nicotine liquid that heats up to produce a vapour when you inhale on a an e-cigarette.

Mains Charger

Used with a USB charger to charge e cigarette batteries from a mains socket.


The UK agency responsible for Medicines and Healthcare products.


Abbreviation for Milligrams.


The amount of nicotine found in a Refill Cartridge. Typical levels include 0mg, 6mg, 12mg,18mg and 24mg. For most people, a medium level of nicotine is around 12mg to 18mg. Those who use Refill Cartridges with a higher nicotine content than 12mg to 18mg are generally people who were heavy smokers or have been vaping for quite some time.


Abbreviation for a carry case that contains a charging unit or "Personal Charging Case".

Personal Charging Case

Also referred to as a Charging Case. A Charging Case is a portable electronic cigarette battery charger. With Escape's personal charging case you can coveniently charge up to four Escape batteries before you need to recharge the case.


Abbreviation for Propylene Glycol.

Propylene Glycol

The major ingredient found in most brands of electronic cigarette liquid. This is the ingredient that when heated will produce vapour that can be inhaled from the electronic cigarette. Usually, PG produces more throat hit and flavour than VG, but less vapour. PG has been used as a primary ingredient in medical devices such as inhalers for years.

Refill Cartridge

Refill cartridges contain the liquid and atomizer that heats the liquid to produce vapour. The cartridges are connected to the e-cig battery to form a fully assembled electronic cigarette.


Abbreviation for Refill Cartridge.

Refillable E-Cigarette

Large electronic cigarette with a refillable liquid tank.

Smokeless Cigarette

A term used to refer to an e cigarette. The term is commonly used because e-cigarettes do not produce smoke.


Abbreviation for Throat Hit.

Throat Hit

The tingling feeling that you feel at the back of the throat when you inhale vapour that contains nicotine. The higher the nicotine solution of the vapour you are inhaling, the more intense the throat hit you will feel.

USB Charger

A charging device used to charge e-cigarette batteries from a computer or any other device with a USB socket.


The action of “smoking” an electronic cigarette. Since e-cigs actually produce vapor (rather than smoke) people refer to this as “Vaping”.

Vapour Cigarette

A term used to describe an e cigarette. Refers to the water vapour that is exhaled when using an electronic cigarette.

Vaping Device

Large electronic device with a refillable liquid tank that heats up a liquid solution consisting of nicotine, propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycol, and flavourings to a point where it turns into a vapour which can be inhaled.


What we at Escape believe to be the most correct term to describe a cigarette sized electronic vapour cigarette.

Vapour Production

The amount of vapour that is produced when you puff on an e-cigarette.

Vegetable Glycerine and Vegetable Glycerol

Popular ingredient found in many e-cigarette liquids. The ingredient produces vapour that can be inhaled when heated by the e-carette. Usually, VG produces less taste and throat hit  than PG, but much more vapour.


Term used to describe Vegetable Glycerine or Vegetable Glycerol, which is found in many electronic cigarette nicotine solutions.

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