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Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

Here at Escape we have listened to the feedback and recommendations of our many loyal customers to develop and improve our range of electronic cigarette starter kits. If you are new to e cigs our inexpensive "Classic" e cigarette starter kit contains everything you need to get started. If you are already using e cigarettes you can choose from our range of electronic cigarette kit options with additional batteries, chargers and refill cartridges for even better value for money.

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  • Classic Starter Kit

    Escape's Inexpensive Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit with Everything You Need to get Started

    Regular Price: £19.95

    Sale Price: £9.95

    Earn 50 Points

  • Options Starter Kit

    Classic Kit with Additional Charging Options, Battery and Refill Pack to Improve Your Chances of Success


    Sale Price: £29.95

    Earn 100 Points

  • Extra Value Starter Kit

    Options Kit with 4 Refill Packs, Equivalent to over £150 of Tobacco Cigarettes


    Sale Price: £49.95

    Earn 150 Points

  • Executive Starter Kit

    Next Generation Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, with Escape's Portable Charging Case


    Sale Price: £49.95

    Earn 150 Points

  • Premium Starter Kit

    Executive Starter Kit with a Car Charger and an Additional Refill Pack to Improve Your Chances of Success


    Sale Price: £59.95

    Earn 200 Points

  • Professional Starter Kit

    The Ultimate Starter Kit with our Complete Range of Accessories and 4 Refill Cartridge Packs


    Sale Price: £69.95

    Earn 250 Points

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So Which is the Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for You?

If you are a first time user who has not tried e cigs before we recommend that you start with a fairly basic, inexpensive electronic cigarette starter kit. With Escape’s cheapest starter kit you get a rechargeable battery, a USB battery charger and three different flavour refill cartridges. Each refill cartridge should last around a day, so you can use our “Classic” e cigarette starter kit for around three days for just £9.95 before deciding if it works for you and then you just need to buy more refill cartridges to continue.

If you are already using e cigs and you are looking for an electronic cigarette starter kit with additional chargers and accessories, think about where you use your e cigs and how often you use them. If you spend a lot of time driving you will need a car charger, if you work from home a mains charger is a must have, if you work outside and don’t have access to a charging point you will need a portable charging case or spare batteries. The best electronic cigarette starter kit for you should include the products that you will need to use the most.

You should also consider value for money and the fact that once you have purchased an e cigarette starter kit all you will then need to buy are refills. A more expensive e cig starter kit which includes refill packs can save you money as you may not need to order any new refills for up to 2 months. Our range of electronic cigarette starter kits include up to four refill cartridge packs.

At Escape we thought about all of these things and more when designing our range of e cig starter kits. So whether you are looking for the cheapest electronic cigarette starter kit or the best electronic starter kit or something in between you will find it here.

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