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Electronic Cigarette Accessories

Escape offer a full range of electronic cigarette accessories and replacements to ensure you continue to enjoy the most realistic electronic smoking experience possible. Whether you need a charging case or a car charger because you’re always on the go, or spare batteries to keep in the car or office so you never have to wait to recharge, you will find it here.

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  • Escape Charging Case

    Next Generation Electronic Cigarette Charging, with Escape's Stylish Portable Charging Case

    Earn 75 Points

  • Escape Rechargeable Battery

    Lithium Technology, Long Life and High Power, the Ultimate Electronic Cigarette Battery

    Earn 25 Points

  • Escape Mains Charger

    High Speed Battery or Case Charging from any Standard UK Mains Socket


    Earn 25 Points

  • Escape Car Charger

    Convenient Battery or Case Charging While You Drive


    Earn 25 Points

  • Escape USB Charger

    Escape Battery Charging at your Computer or Laptop


    Earn 25 Points

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Which Electronic Cigarette Accessories Will You Need?

If you have access to a USB port for charging all you really need to use Escape Vapourettes is a battery and a USB charger, both of which are supplied with all of Escape’s starter kits. Some of our starter kits also include car chargers, mains chargers, portable charging cases, extra batteries and refill packs. So, depending on which starter kit you choose, you may never need any additional accessories, other than a replacement battery every few months.

If you don’t find the exact Escape electronic cigarette starter kit you are looking for, you can choose from our range of e cigarette accessories to create your own starter kit. Maybe you don’t need a car charger or a mains charger, but you need three USB chargers for the home, office and a spare, simply choose the accessories you need.

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