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  • EU to Remove Toxic Warning Labels from E Cigarettes?

    We share the opinion along with many other electronic cigarette manufacturers, that electronic cigarette liquid is being incorrectly labelled as extremely toxic by European Union regulations. A new report compiled by respected toxicologists has clearly demonstrated, not only that existing classification on e-cigarette liquid toxicity is incorrect, but also the sheer scale of the toxicity [...] Continue Reading

  • Why E Cigarettes are Safer than Tobacco

    While there is much debate over the safety of electronic cigarettes and not enough research to date to conclusively prove that they are completely safe, you only have to compare the ingredients of an e cigarette and a tobacco cigarette to see that e cigarettes must surely be much less harmful.
    Tobacco Cigarette Ingredients
    When you smoke [...] Continue Reading

  • Travelling With and Using Your E Cigarette Abroad

    If you’re travelling abroad this summer you may be wondering where you can and cannot use your electronic cigarette? It’s worth doing some research before you leave to avoid any problems while travelling to your destination and to find out the e cigarette regulations in the country you are visiting.
    Travelling by Train with an Electronic [...] Continue Reading

  • Top Ten Celebrity Electronic Cigarette Fans

    Many famous celebrity smokers were amongst the first people to embrace electronic cigarettes and as the popularity of e cigarettes increases, more and more celebrities are making the switch to e cigs. Here are our favourite top ten celebrity electronic cigarette fans!
    Bruno Mars
    The award winning producer and singer-song-writer switched to electronic cigarettes last year [...] Continue Reading

  • E Cigarettes from the Beginning to the Boom

    Here we take a journey through the complete history of the electronic cigarette from the earliest devices to the current boom in popularity.
    1963: The First Electronic Cigarette

    Herbert A. Gilbert is widely acknowledged to have invented the first ever e cigarette, the United States Patent Office accepted a patent for the device he built in 1963 [...] Continue Reading

  • Man Dies after Exploding E Cigarette Fire

    A 62 year old man has died in his flat following a fire started by an exploding electronic cigarette ignited oxygen equipment used to treat the man’s chest condition.
    While the incident in Wallasey, Merseyside is still being investigated to find the exact cause of death, it appears that an e cig battery that was on [...] Continue Reading

  • Scientists Demand Support for E-Cigs

    Leading scientists from around the world have written an open letter to the World Health Organisation (WHO) urging them to support the electronic cigarette industry and not treat e cigarettes as tobacco products.
    One Billion Preventable Deaths
    The World Health Organisation is predicting one billion preventable deaths from smoking this century. However, 53 scientists from 15 different [...] Continue Reading

  • Positive News for E Cig Users with Asthma

    The International Journal for Public Health and Environmental Research have this week published a report which shows evidence of harm reversal in asthma suffers who have switched from smoking tobacco to electronic cigarettes.
    E-Cigarettes  Benefit Asthma Sufferers
    The report studied asthmatic smokers who had switched to electronic cigarettes or used electronics cigarettes to reduce the number of [...] Continue Reading

  • Exploding Electronic Cigarettes

    The Daily Mail recently reported on the latest case of an exploding electronic cigarette. There have been several cases of exploding e-cigarettes in the news over the last few months, all of which involved the charging of eGo and other large vaping device type batteries. What’s interesting about the latest case reported by the Daily [...] Continue Reading

  • Vaping Devices Produce Toxins!

    Most people now accept that electronic cigarettes are safer than smoking traditional cigarettes – for the simple reason that there is no burning of tobacco, which produces thousands of chemicals including more than 60 known carcinogens.
    But new research suggests that, even without burning tobacco, some popular electronic cigarettes get so hot that they too, can [...] Continue Reading


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