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E Cigarettes Adapted to Smoke Hallucinogens


Drug users have come up with a method of adapting e-cigarettes to smoke a potent hallucinogen Class A drug called dimethyltryptamine and known DMT.

The straightforward fix is being openly discussed on e cig web forums, with users of DMT enthusiastically describing how easy it is to use the drug with an ecigarette.

Some types of ecigarettes are said to generate exactly the correct temperature required to turn the drug in to a vapour, which is then inhaled.

Adapted Electronic Cigarettes Produce Powerful Effects

Described as “the molecule spirit by some DMT users, it is thought to be one of the most powerful hallucinogens available. It is farstronger than comparable drugs like LSD. If inhaled through a pipe or e-cig, however, the effects are said to be more transient.

Depending on the quantity consumed and the means of ingestion, DMT’s effects can be short-lived, producing mild hallucinations or lead to much more hypnotic and immersive experiences.

Many who have consumed DMT report feeling deeply spiritual experiences, often finding themselves in other ‘realms.’

Users say consumption of the powerful drug creates visions of Egyptian gods, glistening gateways, temples of pulsating lights, mechanical elves and pyramids. Others claim smoking DMT unveils a feeling of the collective unconscious, seismic shifts of perception, frightening evil forces and finally a sudden return to reality.

Although modifying an electronic cigarette to be used for smoking DMT is a simple process, mistakes in the modification could prove to be dangerous. Reports have been posted online of people who have felt a burning, tingling sensation in their lungs whilesmoking the drug in an ecigarette.

What is the DMT Being Used in Ecigarettes

DMT is a naturally produced chemical compound found and extracted from many South American plant species. Local tribes use it in religious shamanic rituals. The discovery of DMTis widely credited to Oswaldo Gonçalves de Lima, a Brazilian chemist.

The drug's hallucinogenic and psychotropic effects first became known when Dr Stephen Szára an Hungarian chemist and psychologist experimented with the drug in the mid-1950s.

What are the Effects of using DMT in an E-cigarette

Terence McKenna the American writer and self-styled anarchist spent many years experimenting with and writing about DMT, its effects, and how psychedelic narcotics role in society had changed. Well known for his extensive knowledge of shamanism, biology and mysticism, McKenna’s writings also touched upon the relationship between metaphysics and psychedelic drugs.

McKenna wrote in his book, The Archaic Revival, about his experiments in smoking DMT.

He said: Within 15 seconds of smoking it the experience begins and you fall in to an immediate trance, just like you had been struck by poetic lightening”

“The outside world is instantaneously replaced, with a hallucination, but also a hallucination whose unearthly character is its utter unearthliness. Nothing in our world could prepare you for the things that fill your mind as you enter the realm of DMT consciousness,” he said.

Why Have I Never Heard of DMT

For decades DMT and use of it as a drug has been very rare. Its popularity has surged in recent years as a result of the now many online, legal and illegal drug sites.

Sold predominantly in an odorless powder form, even a tiny dose of DMT is said to create extremely powerful effects. Generally it is not sold on the street, and there is no evidence of it being physiologically addictive.

However, smoking DMT can cause throat and lung irritation, intense fear and nausea.

Harry Shapiro from the charity Drugscope said eelectronic cigarettes are the perfect tool for digesting a wide range of drugs.

He said: DMT is a very strong hallucinogenic drug, which creates powerful effects,”

“You can adapt ecigarettes to smoke almost anything. Not just the nicotine liquid you’re supposed to.”

Escape’s Opinion

Nothing new here really, ecigarettes have been being adapted and used to smoke cannabis for a few years now. But then tobacco has been used to smoke cannabis for decades, Coke cans are adapted to smoke crack and spoons are used to burn heroin.

There won’t be a ban on Coke cans or spoons and there should not a ban on ecigarettes. Drugs are the problem not the tools that are used to consume them.



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