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Monthly Archives: July 2014

  • Positive News for E Cig Users with Asthma

    The International Journal for Public Health and Environmental Research have this week published a report which shows evidence of harm reversal in asthma suffers who have switched from smoking tobacco to electronic cigarettes.
    E-Cigarettes  Benefit Asthma Sufferers
    The report studied asthmatic smokers who had switched to electronic cigarettes or used electronics cigarettes to reduce the number of [...] Continue Reading

  • Exploding Electronic Cigarettes

    The Daily Mail recently reported on the latest case of an exploding electronic cigarette. There have been several cases of exploding e-cigarettes in the news over the last few months, all of which involved the charging of eGo and other large vaping device type batteries. What’s interesting about the latest case reported by the Daily [...] Continue Reading


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